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Our vision is to provide the best patient centered  environment for same day hip and knee replacement surgery. To maintain the highest quality and outcomes while exceeding our patients’ expectations. We want you treated like family. The Golden Rule in word and deed every day, every patient, always!

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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America is the Southeast’s premier provider for outpatient total knee and hip replacement. Our dedicated and compassionate team is here to help put you on the path to long-lasting and life-changing relief.

If hip or knee pain is affecting your quality of life and holding you back from participating in activities that you once enjoyed, or if arthritis is causing you debilitating pain, outpatient joint replacement surgery may be the solution.

We have refined a unique, multimodal pain prevention protocol that has revolutionized joint replacement recovery. The benefits of outpatient surgery are well published. Healthy patients, regardless of age, are considered safe candidates for outpatient joint replacement surgery. Patients with medical problems also benefit from our protocol, in that they have less pain, require less narcotics, are up and moving faster, even though they may need a night or two in the hospital to manage their medical conditions. With outpatient surgery, our patients benefit from the following:

Philip “Flip” Clifford, MD &
Paulina “Mattie” Collier PA-C

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Member of American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons &
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

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Lower Risk

We have perfected our treatment protocols over the last 5 years and now are able to perform total joint replacement surgeries in an outpatient setting, in more than 70% of cases. This greatly reduces our patient’s risk of infection as compared to having surgery in a traditional hospital.

Faster Recovery

Our experience in having performed over 14,000 procedures has allowed us to shorten the duration in which that our patients are under anesthesia. Additionally, our postoperative pain management has been refined to get our patients up and walking within 1-2 hours after the completion of the surgery

Improved Outcomes

Our postoperative rapid recovery protocol has our patients up and mobile which decreases their risk of blood clots and other post operative complications. This puts them on a path to healing much faster than typical joint replacement surgeries.

Real Patients – Success Stories

The reason I was putting it off is because I did not want to be in the hospital for 3 days. He promised me that I would be out that night…

I did have surgery. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon I was up and out walking. I was home that evening. Never used a walker. I took pain medication for 2 to 3 days. The post-op and physical therapy, I had no problems. In 4 weeks, I am back to 100%.

Jack H. – Dr. Flip Clifford patient

Real Patients – Success Stories

“It was a wonderful experience. If you are able to have a hip replacement and go home the same day, you know mentally, I think it is better for you to be in your own environment than it is to be in a hospital… it’s a lot to say for somebody that had a total hip that goes back to nursing in 2 weeks!”

Trish W. – Flip Clifford Patient

Real Patients – Success Stories

“The first time we spoke he gave me all the time in the world. He helped me understand how things went in and everything I was curious about. My previous orthopedic surgeon would not have given me the same level of attention as Flip.”

Blair. – Flip Clifford Patient


Procedures We Perform

Outpatient Total
Hip Replacement

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Advanced Regenerative Medicine

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Outpatient Partial
Knee Replacement

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Pain Relieving Steroid Injections

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Outpatient Total
Knee Replacement

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Viscosupplementation Therapy

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Symptoms We Treat

Symptoms you might be experiencing if you should consider being treated at Outpatient Joint Replacement Centers of America can include:

Severe joint pain or stiffness
Limited range of motion
Muscle atrophy (weakness)
Joint swelling

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Patient Success

“I had my surgery first thing in the morning, and was home by early evening, already walking”

-Alie B.

Patient Success

“The entire experience from beginning to end was wonderful. I feel like 10 years have been added to my life and to be pain free is fantastic. I’m back to exercising, driving my car and playing full blast with my grandchildren!”

-Kay P.

Patient Success

“Within 14 days after surgery I was walking with a little assistance from a cane and now am fully mobile and ready to start swinging a golf club 45 days after the surgery!”

-David H.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford is an excellent surgeon, but also has a way to talk to and discuss the issues and concerns with his patients. I continue to tell everyone that asks, and some that don’t, how great it was working with him and what excellent results I had. I am very grateful I had him in my corner while going through these surgeries.”

-Mary B.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford also insisted that I recuperate at home but that I go out for physical therapy. He said that he wanted his patients to “get up, get dressed and go out for physical therapy”. I believe that’s what saved me!”

-Jondeen T.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford performed the second surgery with a fairly new and less invasive technique. What an amazing difference. I had the surgery or a Monday around noon and was home around 8pm the same night. ”

-D. Meuler

Patient Success

“No way! Was my first reaction to the idea that a hip replacement could be done as outpatient surgery. But now, having had both hips replaced six months apart and having returned home the same day for each, I am convinced, pleased, and walking around without pain for the first time in years.”

-Karen S.

Patient Success

“I have never met another surgeon that truly loves what he does, cares about his patients and listens to what you have to say.”

-Cheryl M

Our Team

Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America is a team that is dedicated to serving patients.  We believe that our patients are, in fact, part of our team, and our family. Coordinating the delivery of care for total joint replacement to be done in an outpatient setting can actually be a simple task. With the right support at home from friends and family, healthy patients can easily go home the same day as their surgery. The experience we’ve had in providing exceptional care for so many past patients is what has allowed us to pave the way for our future patients.

The staff at Outpatient Joint Replacement Centers of America is dedicated to delivering a memorable patient experience that is unrivaled in healthcare. Our physicians, as well as administrative staff, understand that undergoing a surgical procedure can be a stressful time. This is why we are so committed to delivering exceptional care from the point of your initial contact with us all the way through to your post-operative visit.

Who we are

Dr. Flip Clifford and the team at Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America are focused on delivering optimal total joint replacement surgical outcomes. Having already performed thousands of these procedures – Dr. Flip Clifford and his team are well-positioned to be able to put you on the path to relief.


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