Conservative Treatment

Outpatient Joint Replacement Centers of America offers both the most advanced total joint replacement surgical techniques as well as a comprehensive menu of conservative treatment options for those patients that do not have the immediate need for surgery. Conservative treatment options that may be considered can include the following:

Steroid injections

Platelet rich plasma

Stem cell treatments

Visco supplementation

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Surgical Intervention

In pursuing treatment, conservative treatment options should always be considered before any considering any kind of surgical treatment options. If conservative treatment options fail and symptoms persist, surgical intervention may become necessary. When surgical intervention becomes necessary, a patient needs to consider a variety of factors before choosing the best possible option for treatment. Those factors include

Who is the surgeon?
Is the surgeon board-certified and/or fellowship trained?
Will the surgery be done at an inpatient hospital or at an outpatient ambulatory surgery center?


Procedures We Perform

Outpatient Total
Hip Replacement

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Outpatient Partial
Knee Replacement

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Outpatient Total
Knee Replacement

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Dr. Flip Clifford

Dr. Flip Clifford has now performed hundreds of outpatient joint replacement procedures (and over 14,000 joint replacements total!). He is also board-certified and fellowship trained. As a leading pioneer in outpatient joint replacement surgery, he is also well experienced in determining if a patient is able to safely consider surgery being performed in an ambulatory surgery setting.


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