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Knee pain affects millions of individuals every year. If you are like many Americans that suffer from a specific condition known as degenerative knee arthritis that results in severe pain and limited mobility,  viscosupplementation (rooster comb) injections may help ease your symptoms and improve function.

Rooster comb injections, also known as hyaluronic acid, gel, or viscosupplementation, is a conservative treatment method. If this and other treatment methods fail to provide relief, surgical intervention may become necessary. However, all conservative options should be exhausted prior to considering surgery. Rooster comb injections get their name because that is where many pharmaceutical companies get the hyaluronic acid. That has changed recently in that many companies have refined the process and improved the product such that their fluid no longer is derived from the bird in any way. Additionally, the latest products have demonstrated a greater longevity as far as the effectiveness as far as reducing the symptoms in the knee. While it may not be a permanent solution, it can help delay an outpatient partial/total knee replacement, for months to even years.

What You Need To Know

The OJRCA Method

The hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring, highly viscous substance, is used to lubricate joints that are rubbing against each other due to decaying cartilage. When these injections are performed, surfaces can glide past each with less painful friction. These injections are administered either with a single injection or weekly for 2-5 weeks. They have been proven to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms in patients and be a viable alternative for those who do not wish to, or are unable to take daily arthritis medication.

Patient Success

“I had my surgery first thing in the morning, and was home by early evening, already walking”

-Alie B.

Patient Success

“The entire experience from beginning to end was wonderful. I feel like 10 years have been added to my life and to be pain free is fantastic. I’m back to exercising, driving my car and playing full blast with my grandchildren!”

-Kay P.

Patient Success

“Within 14 days after surgery I was walking with a little assistance from a cane and now am fully mobile and ready to start swinging a golf club 45 days after the surgery!”

-David H.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford is an excellent surgeon, but also has a way to talk to and discuss the issues and concerns with his patients. I continue to tell everyone that asks, and some that don’t, how great it was working with him and what excellent results I had. I am very grateful I had him in my corner while going through these surgeries.”

-Mary B.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford also insisted that I recuperate at home but that I go out for physical therapy. He said that he wanted his patients to “get up, get dressed and go out for physical therapy”. I believe that’s what saved me!”

-Jondeen T.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford performed the second surgery with a fairly new and less invasive technique. What an amazing difference. I had the surgery or a Monday around noon and was home around 8pm the same night. ”

-D. Meuler

Patient Success

“No way! Was my first reaction to the idea that a hip replacement could be done as outpatient surgery. But now, having had both hips replaced six months apart and having returned home the same day for each, I am convinced, pleased, and walking around without pain for the first time in years.”

-Karen S.

Patient Success

“I have never met another surgeon that truly loves what he does, cares about his patients and listens to what you have to say.”

-Cheryl M


Who needs visco-supplementation?

You may be a potential candidate for rooster comb injections if you have:
Knee pain that persists after physical therapy, exercise, heat or cold, or over-the-counter pain relievers
Diagnosed mild to moderate knee arthritis
Stiffness in your knees that makes it hard to participate in normal activities


Get Relief

If you have been suffering from intense knee pain, you should consider viscosupplementation (rooster comb injections) as they may be your best hope for relief or help you delay surgery. At Outpatient Joint Replacement Centers of America, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible medical outcomes and restore them to their active lifestyles.

Find out more about why our patients recommend their friends and family for treatment at our centers. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members about viscosupplementation or to schedule an appointment!


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