Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Chronic joint pain diminishes quality of life and activity levels for millions of Americans each year. Natural degeneration of joint cartilage, including in the hips and knees, leads to increased bone on bone contact and inflammation. If you have been diagnosed with a degenerative condition, such as osteoarthritis, as the source of your hip or knee pain, taking a proactive approach to your treatment is essential. 

Osteoarthritis is a progressive condition, which means that it typically worsen over time and make symptoms like pain, stiffness, joint swelling and limited mobility more severe over time. Although there is no way to reverse the natural aging process, committing yourself to treatment can give you the best chance of achieving long-term relief. A therapeutic option that has become possible due to advances in medical science is an injection of platelet-rich plasma, also known as a PRP injection. 

Like other joints in the body, cartilage in the hips and knees plays a critical role in protecting and cushioning the actual bone endings. Due to the natural aging process, cartilage and other soft tissue lose their elastic qualities over time. When joint degeneration causes pain and inflammation that seriously interferes with quality of life, PRP injections offer the opportunity for relief by promoting healthy cell growth. Particularly when combined with a comprehensive conservative treatment plan, PRPs can help patients increase joint function and delay or prevent the need for surgery. 

What You Need To Know

The OJRCA Method

The OJRCA Method for PRP Injections

PRP injections consist of an injection of a platelet-rich plasma derived from a patient’s own blood. Plasma is the liquid part of the blood that contains special proteins. In addition to helping with blood clotting, these proteins are also associated with healing and cell generation. By receiving a local injection of platelet-rich plasma directly into the affected joint or joints, your body’s own healing process receives a critical boost.

First, we will carefully draw a sample of your blood. Next the sample is placed into a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood. The platelet-rich plasma is then prepared as an injection. Then, the PRP is injected directly into the affected joint where it will begin to interact with cells. This is an outpatient procedure and patients can leave immediately after the injection and can typically resume their usual activity the same day.

Results vary from patient to patient and are generally experienced within weeks to months as the plasma takes effect on the cells in the joints.


Is an PRP Injection an Option for You?

Patients who receive PRP injections for arthritis generally meet the following criteria:

Significant hip or knee pain caused by joint degeneration
Aches, pain, stiffness and joint popping are worsening and prohibiting the activities of daily living
Symptoms have not responded to conservative therapies, including over-the-counter medication, heat and cold therapy, physical therapy and other types of injections
You are a potential surgical candidate, but need to delay a procedure for personal or professional reasons

Patient Success

“I had my surgery first thing in the morning, and was home by early evening, already walking”

-Alie B.

Patient Success

“The entire experience from beginning to end was wonderful. I feel like 10 years have been added to my life and to be pain free is fantastic. I’m back to exercising, driving my car and playing full blast with my grandchildren!”

-Kay P.

Patient Success

“Within 14 days after surgery I was walking with a little assistance from a cane and now am fully mobile and ready to start swinging a golf club 45 days after the surgery!”

-David H.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford is an excellent surgeon, but also has a way to talk to and discuss the issues and concerns with his patients. I continue to tell everyone that asks, and some that don’t, how great it was working with him and what excellent results I had. I am very grateful I had him in my corner while going through these surgeries.”

-Mary B.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford also insisted that I recuperate at home but that I go out for physical therapy. He said that he wanted his patients to “get up, get dressed and go out for physical therapy”. I believe that’s what saved me!”

-Jondeen T.

Patient Success

“Dr. Clifford performed the second surgery with a fairly new and less invasive technique. What an amazing difference. I had the surgery or a Monday around noon and was home around 8pm the same night. ”

-D. Meuler

Patient Success

“No way! Was my first reaction to the idea that a hip replacement could be done as outpatient surgery. But now, having had both hips replaced six months apart and having returned home the same day for each, I am convinced, pleased, and walking around without pain for the first time in years.”

-Karen S.

Patient Success

“I have never met another surgeon that truly loves what he does, cares about his patients and listens to what you have to say.”

-Cheryl M


Get Relief

and Get Back to an Active Lifestyle

If you want to get your life back from joint pain, and arthritis is keeping you from enjoying the quality of life that you deserve, PRP injections may be an effective solution.

The compassionate and highly experienced team at Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America (OJRCA) is dedicated to helping you get back to the people and activities you’ve been missing out on. Most insurance carriers do not reimburse yet for PRP injections, so this service is an out of pocket expense for patients.

Contact us today to speak with one of our team members and discover if a PRP injection may be the next step in your treatment journey. 


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