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How to Approach Treatment for Torn Ligaments

In addition to the swelling and pain they cause, torn ligaments can also cause mobility problems that interfere with work, family time and leisure activities. Due to the nature of the injury, prompt treatment is often required, up to and including surgery to repair...

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Torn Meniscus? Three Steps to Relief

A torn meniscus is a knee joint injury that a large number of people encounter once or more during their lives. Like a bushing in a machine, the meniscus is a circular piece of cartilage that cushions the knee and helps provide stability for movement and direction...

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What to Know About Treating Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are one of the most common injuries that affect older people in the United States. Typically the result of falls in patients over the age of 65, hip fractures become more likely with age due to bone degeneration, particularly related to conditions such...

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