Long before the current pandemic, it has been proven that outpatient hip and knee replacement when performed in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) setting has higher patient satisfaction, lower complication rates and fewer visits to the Emergency Department after surgery than when those same procedures are performed in a conventional hospital. It also saves our healthcare system thousands of dollars per case. We understand that patients may have fears about being exposed to the coronavirus during surgery. However, the ASC setting has a markedly lower risk of exposure because fewer patients are in and out of the center on a daily basis. 

Many consider outpatient hip and knee replacement as new or “experimental,” but it has been happening for 10+ years in some parts of the U.S. It is very new to the Tampa Bay area, as most patients and providers are not aware that nearly 90% of these surgeries can be performed as an outpatient under the direction of our team at OJRCA because of our unique pain treatment protocol and ultra minimally invasive surgical techniques which allow immediate mobilization of our patients without limitations or precautions.

Our outpatient setting, combined with minimally invasive techniques and a faster recovery period, help patients get the care they need. Delaying hip or knee replacement leads to further pain, loss of mobility and degeneration down the road. At OJRCA, our goal is to help our patients improve their quality of life and regain pain-free independence in their daily activities. All of our patients receive the personal, one-on-one care and treatment they need from our doctors and staff. Here, patients are treated like family — always.

How We Do It: Our Unique Protocol and Surgical Techniques

The development and refinement of our protocol began 7+ years ago and we continue to refine and perfect how we prevent, treat, and attack pain from numerous angles. This nearly, or completely eliminates the need for opioid medications for pain control. Patients on average may take just a few pain pills over the first few days and are then able to control their pain with our non-opiate regimen.

We use the most updated anesthesia techniques, including regional blocks that stop sensory nerve pain signals for up to 2-3 DAYS following surgery without blocking the muscle function.  We’ve found that regional anesthesia improves recovery time, reduces nausea, decreases post-op pain medications, and motivates patients to get up and move sooner because they feel less pain. We try to have patients up and walking within 1-2 hours after surgery to prevent stiffness and lower the risk of blood clots. With our effective pain prevention protocols, we have our patients comfortably home within 4-6 hours after surgery.

Our surgical techniques require much smaller incisions with less soft tissue damage and less bleeding. Hip replacement incisions can be as short as 3 inches! Patients can immediately return to full activities without restrictions or precautions following the surgery. Many people return to work and their normal activities within days after surgery, instead of weeks or months. Knee and hip replacement patients start outpatient physical therapy the day after surgery, eliminating the need for inpatient rehab facilities and home health physical therapy, both of which actually can slow patient recovery and expose patients to increased risks and complications.

We Provide the Best Patient-Focused Environment for Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgeries 

When permitted from an insurance standpoint, we perform all our procedures in the ambulatory surgical center (ASC) setting, provided patients are medically stable, which vastly lowers the cost to our patients, payers and healthcare system by thousands of dollars per case. One reason that many patients delay necessary hip or knee replacement surgery is due to financial concerns. Even with insurance, paying for the surgical procedure in the inpatient settings extremely expensive. Implants, professional fees, tests, medications and a hospital bed add up to thousands of dollars of potential out-of-pocket costs. 

We encourage ACO members, physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to refer qualified patients with hip and knee joint pain to us for evaluation. If outpatient surgery is an option, your patients will save thousands of dollars while receiving the best care and outcomes. For more information, please call us at 813-492-4660 or send us an email at [email protected]


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