Phillip Clifford, MD —” Dr. Flip” to his patients— is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in outpatient knee replacement and hip replacement procedures. Here at their practice, Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America (OJRCA), Dr. Clifford has a straightforward vision of patient care: always treat patients like family. Undergoing surgery is a big and often scary decision. At  OJRCA, patients are educated about what to expect after surgery in a complete fashion which builds trust and confidence from the very beginning. And at the same time, they deliver exceptional medical care with superior outcomes and faster recoveries through less invasive techniques.

Dr. Clifford and his entire team deliver this through an extensive surgical background and highly personable, and personalized, patient interaction. We hope the following information shares a clear picture of our vision for patient-centered care at OJRCA and we welcome you to reach out with any questions. Our dedicated and caring team is always ready to help. 

Dr. Clifford Brings Decades of Experience to Outpatient Joint Replacement

Born in New Jersey, Dr. Clifford lived in the Tampa Bay area through middle and high school, where he grew a strong attachment to the area. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Florida Medical School and completing his orthopedic residency and fellowship at the Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Clifford practiced in North Carolina for about 17 years. 

In 2013, he added an experienced physician assistant Paulina “Mattie” Collier PA-C to his staff and her knowledge and experience with true outpatient surgery for hips and knees helped kickstart a partnership. Together, they fine tuned the pain reduction protocol and began the transition to “same day” discharge of patients after joint replacement in the hospital setting. Within a very short few years, most healthy patients were dependably leaving the hospital just a few hours after surgery, which led to the transition to the ambulatory surgical center.

He came back to the Tampa Bay area to focus on outpatient techniques for joint replacement and OJRCA is the result of their dedication to developing anesthetic and surgical protocols that streamline the patient experience. These protocols allow the vast majority of his patients requiring knee replacement or hip replacement to have an outpatient procedure. A true outpatient procedure has most patients rolling out of the facility within 2-4 hours of completion of their surgery. This has even become a reality for some patients having “redo” or revision surgery as well.

It’s Simple: Patient Satisfaction is Built on Warmth and Trust

For Dr. Clifford, medical care is only one piece of the puzzle however. A surgeon and the entire staff can do everything right during surgery, but patients also need to be satisfied with the actual care they receive to truly have a positive outcome. That’s why OJRCA operates around treating patients warmly, honestly and compassionately — like family — just as much as it operates on state-of-the-art evidence-based practices. 

Patient satisfaction is more than a number, it’s about the basic human touches. Dr. Clifford and the entire OJRCA team go out of their way to build warmth and trust through the entire care process. This means:

  • Greeting every patient who walks in
  • Making sure people are comfortable as they wait 
  • Smiling and making eye contact 
  • Explaining and educating patients on their condition and recommended treatment options
  • Truly collaborating with open discussions on the creation of individualized treatment plans 

Dr. Clifford has committed himself to building a team that unswervingly shares this approach and it’s just one aspect to a philosophy of patient-centered care that drives the whole practice. 

What is Patient-Centered Medical Care?

Patient-centered care is the idea that health care should be based on treating the whole patient. Essentially, any condition or illness that a patient has been diagnosed with should not be treated in isolation, but as part of an entire human being, namely you. In the simplest of terms, this means that the extensive expertise and training that physicians and surgeons go through should always be in the service of healing and improving lives. 

While this may seem like a very basic and intuitive idea, it is still one that is relatively new to the larger health care industry. Too many patients report feeling like they receive impersonalized treatment when receiving medical care from large institutions and that they don’t have a say in planning their treatment. Dr. Clifford and OJRCA are passionate about patient-centered care, from the most basic smile to ensuring that everyone truly understands their condition and treatments and are given the tools to achieve long-term relief. 

What Dr. Clifford Wants You to Know About Outpatient Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement procedures

Dr. Clifford’s approach to outpatient joint replacement surgery and dedication to advanced techniques reflects this commitment. Joint replacement surgery can become necessary for patients dealing with severe joint damage, usually caused by age-related arthritis, but it is typically seen as a treatment of last resort. Patients who are serious candidates for joint replacement should thoroughly explore conservative treatment options and pursue any recommended lifestyle changes. Anyone who comes to OJRCA seeking relief will have an in-depth and collaborative discussion about where they are in the treatment journey. 

Outpatient joint replacement is a response to traditional orthopedic procedures that offers several advantages. Patient risk of blood clots are reduced with immediate mobilization after surgery. Infection risk is reduced as well. Patients with just a little assistance at home enjoy recovering inn the comfort of their own home leading to increased patient satisfaction

In addition to minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Clifford has spent years refining a unique, multifaceted pain control protocol designed to revolutionize the recovery process in joint replacement. This approach can help all patients, regardless of age, to recover faster with less pain. Outpatient joint replacement surgery is safe and effective for the vast majority of patients provided their medical problems are well controlled. The protocol is used on all patients, even the few that require a hospital stay due to social or medical reasons. Whether inpatient or outpatient, all patients can experience less pain, require less narcotic medication, and are up and moving faster. 

At our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center, patients undergoing hip replacement or knee replacements experience reduced risk of complication, a shorter recovery period and improved outcome potential. 

Call OJRCA to Learn About Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

If pain related to severe joint damage is keeping you from being active and enjoying time with the people you love, outpatient joint replacement surgery may be an option. At OJRCA, Dr. Clifford and our compassionate team are to welcome you and help you start your journey toward relief and reclaiming your life. From the first call to your last check up, we’ll make sure you feel safe and confident about your care, just like family. 

Please call us at 813-492-4758 or reach out online to schedule an appointment at our Tampa, FL, clinic.


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