Knee replacement is a type of surgery designed for people dealing with severe joint damage and knee pain. Severe joint damage in the knee can have numerous causes, from age-related joint degeneration to the lasting effects of repeated injuries. For any cause, knee joint damage is typically progressive in nature and can negatively impact your quality of life in a meaningful way.  

That’s why it’s so important to take treatment seriously. Unfortunately, many people with knee pain are reluctant to undergo knee replacement surgery because of the perceived risk of complications and the long and difficult recovery process. If you have exhausted conservative treatments and are still dealing with pain however, a knee replacement may offer you the best chance of lasting relief. 

The good news is there are innovative approaches to knee replacement that help patients get back to a healthy and active lifestyle while reducing many of the risks and difficulties associated with traditional procedures. Outpatient Joint Replacement Center of America (OJRCA) and board-certified surgeon Dr. Philip Clifford, “Dr. Flip” to his patients and teammates, are committed to changing outpatient joint surgery for the better. 

Whether you’re at the beginning of your treatment journey or seriously considering your surgical options, it’s important to educate yourself as a patient. Please take some time to read the following helpful guide and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Dr. Philip Clifford and the State-of-the-Art OJRCA Knee Replacement Method

Minimally invasive techniques and an innovative approach multimodal pain prevention protocols allow for streamlined outpatient joint replacement procedures. Depending on the specific diagnosis and degree of joint damage in the knee, Dr. Philip Clifford may recommend either a total and partial knee replacement surgery: 

  • Total knee replacement — This type of knee replacement involves resurfacing the entire knee joint, replacing it with metal implants and a spacer consisting of a plastic insert. 
  • Partial knee replacement — In this approach to knee replacement, the surgeon only replaces the damaged compartment or area of the knee. The surgeon will then prepare the knee surfaces to fit and place the more limited prosthesis.

For both procedure types, Dr. Phillip Clifford and his knowledgeable and experienced team utilize innovative, proprietary protocols that help the highest proportion of knee replacement candidates gain the benefits of an outpatient joint surgery. Fortunately, patients needing hospitalization because of certain health conditions are still able to enjoy the specialized methods. Specifically, OJRCA enjoy less tissue disruption and pain after the procedure — which means patients can move more quickly into the recovery process.

Finding Out if You Are a Candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients seeing Dr. Phillip Clifford to explore the possibility of outpatient joint surgery, including knee replacement, undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if they are a surgical candidate. Knee replacement candidates at OJRCA typically meet the following criteria: 

  • Patients with degenerative knee arthritis who have explored conservative options such as pain-relieving injections, physical therapy, over-the-counter medication or steroid injections
  • Partial knee replacements are typically recommended for patients with a stable anterior cruciate ligament, good range of motion, and joint damage to only one compartment of the knee
  • Symptoms generally consist of severe swelling, immobility and/or knee pain that tends to worsen with activity

In some cases patients may still need to explore conservative therapies, or may want to postpone knee replacement surgery a little longer due to personal factors. In these situations, certain regenerative injections offer a promising way to promote natural healing and improve smooth joint mechanics. These injections include platelet-rich plasma injections, viscosupplementation, and amniotic injections

Streamlined, Patient-First Care at Our Tampa Outpatient Joint Replacement Center

OJRCA and Dr. Philip Clifford are based in one of the Southeast’s most sought-after medical destinations: Tampa, Florida. Patients travel from across the United States to gain access to the extremely high level of treatment. In addition to world-class physicians, surgeons and facilities, Tampa is in-demand as a “medical tourism” destination thanks to its beautiful scenery and numerous accommodations and attractions.

Whether you’re local or out-of-town, our commitment to whole person care and the best possible outcomes can help patients from all walks of life. Our centrally located facility has a wide range of top-rated hotels and restaurants conveniently located nearby. We’ll be glad to help you learn more.  

Both our clinic and ambulatory surgery centers are carefully oriented to deliver positive results through patient-centered care. The people who come to us for relief can expect waiting areas designed for comfort and an inviting atmosphere throughout every phase of treatment. Most importantly, we want our patients to encounter friendliness, warmth and compassion from every member of the OJRCA staff. 

Dr. Philip Clifford is Passionate about Helping People Find Relief

Although he has studied and practiced across the eastern US, Dr. Flip is rooted in the Bay area, where he attended both middle and high school. He started OJRCA with objectives of innovation in outpatient joint surgery and providing exceptional care to patients. As founder and medical director at OJRCA, Dr. Philip Clifford is committing his career and resources to developing a leading approach to orthopedic care. 

For the entire organization, the human side of care also means treating patients like members of their own family. From making eye contact, creating a calm and welcoming environment, to patient education, it’s all about making sure people are confident about their treatment.

Deciding to undergo knee replacement is one of the biggest care decisions anyone can make. For Dr. Philip Clifford, positive outcomes require changing the way people think about orthopedic surgery. 

Reach out to Dr. Philip Clifford and OJRCA Today

If knee pain is seriously affecting your life and you are looking for guidance on next steps, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery. We’re dedicated to the best possible medical outcomes and highest level of patient care that gets people back to their lives. 

Learn why patients recommend Dr. Philip Cliford to their friends and family for treatment at OJRCA. Get in touch now to speak with one of our representatives to schedule an appointment. You can also call us at (813) 492-4607.


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